The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook includes more than 100 fabulous recipes to use eggs in unexpected ways.

The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook

The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook is out in the wild on bookstore shelves everywhere (finally..... I'm SO excited for you all to see it!). Available at bookstores nationwide and even overseas, you can get a copy wherever you normally buy your books. 

Whether you order from one of the larger chains online or your local library or favorite bookstore which can order you a copy if they don't have any on the shelf, I just hope you're as excited about this cookbook as I am! You'll never look at a fried egg the same way again! 

In addition to beginning the book with a "mini memoir" in which I talk a bit about my childhood and about this crazy, wonderful journey I've been on for the last decade or so, and all my best tips for preparing eggs in the various common ways such as scrambled, poached, fried, etc.

I've also included more than 100 egg recipes in The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook from sweet to savory - soups, salad, main dishes, cocktails, condiments and everything in between including:

Scrambled Egg Hand Pies

Cheesy Baked Cream Eggs

Asparagus and Parmesan Omelet

Pancakes with Strawberries, Basil and Cream

Fig French Toast Sandwich

Savory Cheese Souffles

Boozy Spiced Eggnog

Deviled Eggs with Avocado Oil and Sage

Broccoli Cheddar Tart

Egg Lemon Soup

Caesar Salad

Ricotta Gnocchi

Bacon and Eggs Pizza

Baked Eggs Marinara

Angel Food Cake

Boston Cream Pie

Lemon Blueberry Whoopie Pies

Chocolate Pots de Creme

Blueberry Eton Mess

Lemon Caper Garlic Mayonnaise

Homemade Marshmallows

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting

…and so much more!

The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook is available as a hardcover, for your Kindle or Nook and even as an audio book that I personally narrate! 

About the Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook | Think you know all there is to know about eggs and how to cook and bake with them? Think again!

Lisa Steele, fifth-generation chicken keeper and founder of the popular blog Fresh Eggs Daily, knows a thing or two about eggs. And she’s ready to show you just how easy and delicious it can be to make eggs a staple of every meal of your day.

Lisa shares her go-to recipes for everything from breakfast staples, like Eggs Benedict and a Classic French Trifold “Omelette,” to breads, sandwiches, beverages, snacks, soups, salads, pasta, cakes, pies, and condiments. You’ll encounter a wide variety of both sweet and savory dishes with Lisa’s unique twists.

Buy The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook to discover new and exciting ways to incorporate fresh eggs into your cooking and baking repertoire, each and every day.

Named one of the Amazon Best Books of the Month and an Amazon Editors' Pick: Best Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Advance Praise for The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook 

"Fresh Eggs Daily blogger Steele lays down as many tips and recipes as her chickens do eggs in this innovative and plucky collection. Combining her expertise as a fifth-generation chicken keeper in Maine with inspiration from her Scandinavian forebears, she succeeds at her aim to share “unique and creative ways to use eggs” in delectable recipes that run the gamut from eggs in a hole to frothy cocktails. Eggs are baked inside roasted rings of butternut squash as a healthy way to bring together protein and veg, while a plate of egg yolk ravioli on marina sauce is made “deceptively simple” thanks to wonton wrappers. 

Recipe headnotes contain helpful pointers—such as dry-shaking egg whites with an acid before adding ice for optimal foam in one’s lime bourbon sour, and that a turmeric-vinegar soak ensures a stunning presentation for deviled eggs. In addition to sharing basic cooking and curing techniques, she weighs in on whether fresh eggs are really better (they are) and divulges insider info on how commercial eggs are graded and coded. Most unexpected of the lot—and highly useful—is the book’s recipe index listed by the number of eggs needed. This will be hard to beat." - Publishers Weekly ( starred review) and PW Picks: Best Books of the Week

"Steele shows you all kinds of different ways to cook recipes with eggs including steaming, grilling, baking, frying and even drinking them.  Bourbon Maple Sour anyone?" - Modern Farmer

"This latest work from Steele will provide cooks and bakers with plenty of new ways to use eggs."- Library Journal 

"A deep dive into the nuances of a single, simple ingredient, this cookbook reads like an encyclopedia and love letter all in one. If anyone were going to convince me to buy some chickens, build a roost and start gathering fresh eggs from my backyard, it would be Lisa." - Damaris Phillips, Chef, Food Network TV host and author of Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy

"From the perfect fried egg to a classic clafoutis, “The Fresh Eggs Daily” cookbook is the new definitive culinary source in the oeuvre of oeufs. Everyone from experienced chefs to novices looking to use up that extra half dozen in their fridge will find inspiration in Steele’s delectable egg-forward breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert & cocktail recipes. As readable as it is instructional, this is a cookbook that will be taken off your shelf and used again and again and again." - Brent Ridge & Josh Kilmer-Purcell, authors of the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook

"Lisa's joyful passion is now part of my kitchen with her delightful recipes and expert knowledge of the simple egg! The gorgeous pictures are inspiring and Lisa knows how to share approachable and flavorful food. I'll surely have fresh eggs daily, especially in the form of her Lemon Meringue Pie!" - Tara Bench, founder of Tara Teaspoon and author of Live Life Deliciously

“You can feel the love when you read Lisa’s words. You can taste the love in every bite of deliciousness that Lisa has created with these recipes.And in today’s world, she garners with ease the ability to provide us with the healthiest protein on earth. Thank you Lisa Steele.” - Nancy Fuller, author of Farmhouse Rules and host of The Food Network's Holiday and Spring Baking Championships

"I have been a huge fan of Lisa and her work for many years now—I just love how she so generously shares her knowledge with others. The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook is beautiful, comprehensive, and brimming with her encouraging and expert advice. I didn’t know there were so many delicious ways to cook eggs. This delightful cookbook is a must-have!" - Erin Benzakein, NYT bestselling author of Floret Farm's A Year in Flowers

Advance Reader Reviews 

The information is beautifully presented, this book has style which is important for me when I buy this kind of food-related book. The recipes and photographs that go along with it were just perfect."  -Nicole B. via NetGalley 

"The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook is more than just a recipe book, it is an egg bible from a real 'eggspert'. I liked the way there are also recipes for egg yolks and egg whites so at the times when you have used one or the other you have somewhere to go for some great ideas so you don't end us wasting any part. "  - JC C. via NetGalley

"True confession: I want to crawl inside this book. I want to live in Maine, have chickens and fresh eggs daily, and enjoy cocktails and nibbles under a tree on my lawn. I can’t do most of those things, but I can learn more about eggs and peruse these delightful recipes. This is a charming, delightful book, far more than a cookbook with its introductory chapters on chickens and eggs, and the appendices with lists of necessary kitchen gadgets and accoutrements. There is a recipe index with a separate index for number of eggs required for a recipe, which I love." -Susan I. via NetGalley

"This [cookbook] is as clearly comprehensive and sweetly enthusiastic a book on all the ins and out of cooking with eggs that one could possibly ask for. This is an absolute winner of a cookbook, and would make an excellent edition to any amateur chef's home library."  -Geoffrey S. via NetGalley

"This book does a surprisingly phenomenal job given that it’s limited itself to recipes that include eggs!  The book itself is gorgeous, each of the pictures are well curated, and the way the recipes are laid out makes them really easy to follow. On top of that, simply perusing the ingredients for each recipe makes it clear that Lisa Steele has a good sense of flavour. " -Dominique via NetGalley

"5/5☆: "The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook" is the most user friendly, down to earth cookbook I've seen in a very long while. Author [Lisa Steele] takes her approach to cooking by the apron strings and guides you through not only her kitchen but through her foolproof process as well. By jumping around a bit, you can see what you'll need to pull off most of the recipes by peeking in the back of the book for her "most frequently used" utensils and ingredients, and you can even attack your recipe head on by first determining whether you even have enough eggs to start with by glancing at her egg-index.

"I loved starting at the beginning of it all with a how-to of some of the more basic cooking skills, which acted as a refresher for me. It's a terror untold to be standing in front of a pan at 6 A.M. and not remembering how to make a simple scrambled egg, Steele has all that covered, so never you fear! All you'll have to do is decide for yourself, which came first? This was a grade "A" egg!" -Reads with Coffee via Instagram

"This is a fabulous cookbook with a great array of recipes." -Dean Jones, The Well Seasoned Librarian

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The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook

Over 100 Fabulous Recipes to Use Eggs in Unexpected Ways
by Lisa Steele

Hardcover | 320 pages
Full color photographs  | $27.99
Published by Harper Horizon

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