Still on the avocado toast kick? Here's a recipe that uses sliced hard-cooked eggs and herbs.

Let me just preface this by saying I know I'm really late to the avocado toast game.

Like really really late. I get that.

Like my 70-ish year old Mom eats avocado toast.

And she's not even on Pinterest.

So I apologize for not being more on trend here, but I just had to share! And since I'm going to be in LA new week which is like the epicenter of all things avocado, I thought sharing this recipe today was apropos!

It all started when we had the good fortune to dine at The Lost Kitchen here in Maine several weeks ago and subsequently started following them on Instagram and caught a glimpse of this insanely beautiful avocado toast.

That was it.

I just had to try my hand at making my own.

I mean, I love eggs and I love avocados, so it seemed like the perfect breakfast option for me.

After sending my husband out to buy avocados on his next shopping trip (as an aside, one perk of having a retired ex-Navy officer husband is that he does all the grocery shopping - and he actually gets the stuff I put on my list! Yay me!), I assembled all the ingredients.

Egg Avocado Toast with Fresh Herbs

Makes one.

Slice of bread 
Half of a perfectly ripe avocado
Fresh hard-cooked egg (I steam mine)
Assortment of fresh herbs (I used lemon thyme and chive blossoms)
Drizzle of avocado oil (I get mine here)

There's no real "recipe" for this.

You just toast your bread and then pile everything on top. I sliced the avocado half and fanned it out on the toast, then added a few egg slices, the herbs, and then topped it off with a drizzle of avocado oil. 

You can arrange it on a plate (or just do what I do most mornings and stand at the kitchen counter and eat your toast right off the cutting board!)

I have to say that after one bite, I was hooked. Totally smitten with my new breakfast discovery! Not only is it beautiful to look at, it tastes delicious AND it's healthy and filling as well. Win-win-win.

I loved the subtle lemon taste from the thyme and also the garlic-y addition of the chive blossoms. But you can sub in any culinary herbs you would like, of course. The avocado oil is also optional, but added just the right bit of richness and a touch more avocado taste.

I of course posted a photo of my first attempt at avocado toast on Instagram. (Because that's what you do when you have an Instagram account.) 

The verdict: Avocado toast is my new go-to breakfast this summer. My husband also liked it - and he normally won't eat what he calls "weeds" (i.e. fresh herbs and other stuff from the yard)

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